Normandie – emotion and respect in WW2 locations

Visiting Normandie

To see Mont St Michel

After a couple of days meeting history and drama in Normandie, passing on those places where civilisation was defended with courage and blood, to put an end to WW2, the visit to Mont St Michel is a relief, remembering the best of mankind.

​Of course, no matter when you are going, you will have to share it with thousands, but it is worthwhile.


Omaha beach

Omaha Beach

A rough sea in August, an empty beach, some closed houses, and… the memories. 

However, it was less difficult to mentally recreate the assault here, because the hills are not so steep as in my imaginary (and in some other beaches). 

If I remember the details, this was the first defense to collapse. 

​It makes sense.



​We have a double debt to those who gave their lives to free Europe:

Freedom, and the peace that, while the memory of the tragedy is alive, everybody maintains as the most valuable value of humanity.

We all know almost all the details of D day events, but being there, stepping on those hills, imagining the beaches exploding all around, watching the sea of graves that smash us in several locations in the area, like in Colleville, is unforgettable.

 Visiting Normandie

Long lines of white crosses, here and there punctuated by jewish symbols, testify the American severe casualties in WW2.

A sober memorial and the discreet harmony of the place, evidence the respect that is dominant.

​No surprise the way this cemetery specially touched Fernanda, more than the locations of landing and fighting, more impressive for the male team.