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Nisa – 2 hours to a good lunch


Nisa at a glance

The need to have lunch in the area was the excuse for a detour of a few kilometers and a quick visit to this well-known village, which, for various reasons, had always been avoided on previous trips.
The delay in getting a table served to take a look, confirming that, although not a top tourist destination, the town and lunch were worth the visit.


Emigrant monument

Conveying well the feeling of calm that is culturally associated with Alentejo, this quiet village has a very beautifully landscaped and improved central area, where the monument to the emigrant and other nice constructions stand out.

The castle

Montalvão door
Vila door

Little remains of the castle, which is thought to date back to the 13th century, just a few sections of the wall, and two doors, (Vila and Montalvão). Despite everything, the complex was classified as a national monument, and today there is visible care in its preservation.

Positive impression A Calçada

Calçada - Nisa
Calçada restaurant
A Calçada - Nisa
Nisa - 2 hours to a good lunch

This is a simple restaurant, with friendly service but not very dynamic and efficient.

We had very tasty food, in adequate quantity and at a reasonable price.

Despite being out of peek season, we had to wait for a long time to sit, watching the desired dishes being successively erased in the displayed menu.

When our time came only two of the were available, and we tried both, without complaints.


Praça da República 43, 6050-350 Nisa

Phone: 245 429 096

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