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Newark – 1 quick visit, several nights

Liberty State Park

​One of the accesses to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, this park is a wide area, with several interesting points, with evidence to the old New Jersey Railroad Terminal.

​Only a couple of minutes away from Manhattan by taxi boat, it allowed us a smart, quicker, easier and cheaper visit than using the car or any other kind of public transport.

Website: Liberty State Park

CRRNJ Train Station

See Newark
To see in Newark

New Jersey’s Central train station and ferry terminal was, for many decades the entrance door for millions of immigrants, in search of the New World.

​Today, is just a respectful memory. If you are waiting the boat to New York, it’s a free alternative to fill your waiting time.

I recommend Eating in Newark – Brazilia

New jersey
New jersey

Rodízio in Portuguese America
After almost two hours of confused driving (Monroe St against Monroe Rd and Brazilian Grill against Brazilian Restaurant) we finally reached the restaurant that a few days before we had chosen to have diner. It was a perfect Brazilian rodízio, at a price surprisingly moderate. We had a late meal, but it surely worth the effort.

Address: 99 Monroe St

I recommend Valença

Eating in Newark

True Portugal

​In all the places I have been, the discovery of something portuguese doesn’t stop me from knowing how locals deal with our food. I try to find the differences between the original cuisine and the “possible” one, far away, with different ingredients. Nowhere I found the food so authentic as in Valenca, Newark. To complete the scene, Portuguese TV, and costumers talking loud. Yes, that’s Portugal. And it’s good, believe me!

Address: 663 MONROE AVE,ELIZABETH,NJ,07201

I recommend Newark – Best Western


Comfortable, affordable and accessible
Newark was, generally, just a stage in my flights from and to Portugal. Among all the hotels I used, this one reached the best ratio quality/price. And, though I arrived by car (which uses to be quite complex), it was easy to find the hotel and to move around. Because in those occasions the hotel is just to sleep, tranquility, cleanliness, a comfortable bed and a working bathroom is everything I need. And I had it.

Address: 101 International Way, Newark, NJ 07114

Positive impression Newark – Ramada Plaza

Hotels in Newark  - Ramada
Hotels in Newark – Ramada

A Nightmare to find
I never had so much trouble searching for a determined hotel as I did with this one. I took a taxi from the airport, and he got lost. For almost one hour, with GPS and radio support, the driver made his best, but… it was hard. The hotel is OK, no airport or traffic noise, good rooms and bathrooms, and an acceptable breakfast.

Address: 160 Frontage Rd, Newark, NJ 07114

Doubtful impression Saddle Brook – Holiday inn

Usa 4
Hotels in Newark – Holiday inn

New York” in campground
This tower, in an apparently quiet area, seemed a very good place to sleep. It wasn’t. The continuous noise of the adjacent highway, in association with jet-lag gave us two horrible nights. I have nothing to complaint about the hotel and its staff, but, when you can’t sleep… And, (not the hotel’s fault) I couldn’t stop thinking that, in my trip brochure, I was supposed to be sleeping in New York…
Unique Qualities: Large, comfortable, but noisy.
Address: 129 Pehle Ave, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663, EUA

Fast and secure

New york 7am
New york 7am

Imagine us arriving late at the hotel by Newark Airport, with a flight back home the next day, in the afternoon. How to use the morning? Here it goes:

Boat - fast and secure
Boat – fast and secure

Leave the hotel early, and drive to the Liberty State Park. Visit the park, while waiting for the first boat to Ellis Island. Visit Ellis Island Museum, and take a picture of Liberty statue, without leaving the boat, to proceed immediately to Manhattan. Exit at Battery Park, wander a while around Wall Street and City Hall, do our shopping at JR’s, swallow a pizza in 2.45 minutes, watch ground zero works, and run to World Financial Center to take a Water Taxi back to Liberty State Park by $5. Get the car and drive to the airport, to deliver it at 3 PM.

Easy, isn’t it? But… would it be possible to do driving to New York?