Neum – Passing by in 2 directions


To see Bosnia-Herzegovina is an interior country.

To allow an access to the sea, Croatia has been cut with a narrow stripe of land, about 20 km wide.

I was expecting a large concentration of industrial and naval buildings but couldn’t find them. Even the touristy structures are discreet.

​Neum, where we just stopped, seems to be the largest town in the coast, with touristy facilities, and a reasonable commerce.

The coast


The image of the coast is the same as in Croatia (it couldn’t be otherwise). With Peljesac peninsula facing it, the coastal views are enhanced by the calm waters and life around it. 

It seems very suitable and used for seafood production.



In a very strange arrangement, Bosnia- Herzegovina cuts Croatia in two, with a stripe of land less then 8 km large, to… reach the sea. 

In this short coast, the only relevant town is Neum. In a quick crossing I saw nothing special to add to the naturally beautiful landscape.

​Just a curiosity.

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