Negril – 3 pleasant hours by sunset


A ten kilometre long and narrow stripe of sand is the best and most famous beach of Jamaica.

The level of exploration is much higher than anywhere else, with hotels and restaurants following each other.

​If you can accept crowds, then the beach is perfect.

Beach of course

Visiting Negril

With 10 Km of sand you may choose where to swim – in a crowded and animated spot, or in a calm area. I saw no waves, no currents…

Many all-inclusive resorts and restaurants share the beach, that, as a matter of fact, seems totally public, with several public accesses.

As far as I saw, the privacy and exclusivity are concentrated in the services and facilities offered by the different resorts, and not to the beach itself.

Pirate’s cove

Visiting Negril

One of the highlights of Jamaica, is not an astonishing place, but a merging place, because… it’s historical.

We saw (and lived it) first from the sea, and then from the top, and… OK. Good calm times, with lots of happy(?) people around us.


Rick’s cafe


One of the top attractions in Negril is this complex, with a fabulous location above Pirate’s cove.

Sunset was the argument that took us there, but I think that the real reason is… everybody goes. More than a café, this is a… happening.

Just guessing
We were there at sunset. I don’t know how it is by night, but that kind of animation can’t be stopped just because the sun has disappeared.

If I had a night to live in Negril (we moved away), this would be my obvious first choice.

Watching divers


From Rick’s cafe you may watch an extra show provided by a few young men that jump from the cliffs and higher to the water. The climax of the show is a jump from a very high tree.

The tension is created by some dangerous movements in the tree, while the diver’s friends pass a can collecting money from the people.

I made a video with the natural limitations, but giving a good idea of the highness of the dive.



A trip along the coast, with good music and cool drinks, was our aperitif to some minutes snorkeling in Pirate’s Cove.

I read that it is expensive (we were in all-inclusive basis), but… what is not expensive in Jamaica to foreigners?

We took it facing Margaritaville but don’t know how and where to book it.



Our trip to Negril was the opportunity to, in the way back, descend a river in a raft. It happened in Martha Brae, near Montego Bay, and it was calm and nice.

​It seems that each trip costs about $100 which is very expensive.

We were expected to add a tip (and we did), and the guide had no problem to start suggesting $20. OK, we enjoyed it, because our final price was only the tip, but wouldn’t buy it.



We had a chance to snorkel near the Pirate’s cove. Wonderful place, clear and warm waters, but the reefs were too damaged to show more than a few small fishes.

Well, maybe after being in Red Sea, Phi Phi Islands or Isla Mujeres I became too demanding!

Positive impression Margaritaville – Lively place

Negril 0
Negril 0
Eat and sleep in Negril
Negril 1

Following the standards of other succeeded investments, this restaurant right on the beach seems to be the place where everything happens. 

The food is not remarkable, the service… well, was it there a real service?

Noise, TV in each corner, and a fabulous sea at your feet. Who dares to complaint?
We were in an all-inclusive package, and had no idea of the prices, except the wine – good and very expensive.

Hotel7 It's there Blue Cave Castle

Eat and sleep in Negril – Hotel

We didn’t stay in this hotel; we didn’t even enter it, but watching from the sea it is the most impressive building, with a great location by the water, near Rick’s cafe, but far from the sandy beaches.

A place to consider, if, one day, I have to stay in Negril.

Address: Lighthouse Road, Negril, Parish of Westmoreland

I recommned Rick’s – In the mood

Rick's cafe
Rick’s cafe

Well… In Rick’s I saw no one eating more than sandwiches, but I saw hundreds drinking (and diving in the sea, or in the pool).

For sure, this is not a place for a formal meal, but it is the most animated place for a snack or drink, shared with the crowds.

Sellers in the beach: Local crafts

Hong Kong

If you want jewelry go to the malls. Common things in local supermarkets. Local crafts… everywhere.

​So, why not in the beach?

You may bargain, see people doing them, order your own finishing, and keep on bathing during the work.

 Time Square – A Mall for tourists


It seems to exist a great dualism in Jamaica’s life – tourists for one side, locals for the other. Anywhere else I saw a so distinctive commercial structure, with malls exclusively for tourists. Was it a wrong idea?

This mall, as several other that I visited, has almost nothing to sell in common life – only jewels and touristy stuff. I felt cold, in such places, even in the tropics!

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