Nexo – My base for 3 days


To see ​​Nexø

A calm small city, but big enough to justify using the car.

I spent there three days, and was surprised by the low offer in restaurants, that almost left me without dinner one day.

Unexpected, but not serious!

Thus, this was MY town in Bornholm, from where I travelled across the island. Not particularly beautiful, but respecting the general characteristics of the island.

Sankt Bodil Kirke

Nexo Kirke

Leaving the city towards Ronne, a little ahead appears an isolated church, with an impressive simplicity. I hadn’t read anything about it, I took a picture and saved it for later.

Already at home I managed to discover that it is a church from the beginning of the 13th century, and I was invited to read about it in wikipedia.

Smoking fish

Nexo 3
Nexo 3

Fish smoking seems to be a dominant activity on the island, and the town couldn’t help but be present.
A pleasant terrace awaited the Portuguese sun, which, I confess, I forgot to take.

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