Montego Bay

Montego Bay – only 3 quick passages

To see Always passing by Montego Bay

I spent a week there, but didn’t see it.
Let’s try to explain:

When, in your country you choose a Jamaican hotel, their location is referred to one of the main touristy points – Montego Bay (M.B.), Negril, Runaway Bay, and so on!

When you arrive to Jamaica you’ll find out that your hotel may be very far from the referred city, that you may never visit.

That’s what happened to us – our first hotel was Gran Bahia Principe, mentioned in the brochures as located in Runaway Bay (not far, indeed, but we never went there!) and listed in VT as… in Montego Bay.

​Our hotel offered us the chance to visit Negril, and stay there two nights. We accepted it, and the hotel “in Negril” is mentioned in its homepage as… in M.B. – as a matter of fact it stays halfway, about forty kilometers from both of them (not listed in VT, maybe because it is brand new).

In this traffic we passed twice in M.B., but never stopped, unless to raft Great River – also in M.B…. or something.

So, don’t blame me if my pages seem a little confusing! Things are confusing out there.


Montego bay by solopes

When you read in a brochure or advertising that your hotel is in “Montego Bay” be prepared to stay a few (or many) kilometers distant from town – Montego Bay is a common (and uggly, as far as I saw) city taking profit of a protected bay, with several beaches around it, and hotels spreading along almost 100 kilometers of coast. 

To browse the beaches and have an idea of their quality, a car was needed, and… we didn’t have it, so, we skipped Montego Bay beaches.