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Img 20180430 164614a
Img 20180430 164614a

Montalegre is a municipality in the northern region of Portugal, located in the district of Vila Real.

The town is situated in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in the valley of the river Cávado, between the mountains of Gerês, Barroso and Larouco, an area with nature in a wild state.

Capital of Barroso, it is famous for its delicious cuisine with a specific kind of meat, fresh or smoked.

Traditions are also strong from Halloween Nights, Friday 13th and for Traditional Medicine.



Img 20180430 164501
Img 20180430 164501

As usual the highest point of the city is occupied by the impressive castle, which dates back to the 13th century. The views of the city and surrounding countryside are worth the effort.

Rua direita

Img 20180430 163942
Img 20180430 163942

Most traditional settlements have a Rua Direita (straight), which, curiously, tends to be one of the least straight streets.
This is due, in general, to the fact that it is the most historic route, generally preserved from the urban arrangements that produce the most modern wide and straight streets.
Here, as elsewhere, Rua Direita is the most interesting.


Img 20180430 164548
Img 20180430 164548

The Misericórdia church is somewhat treacherous – a small and very discreet building, it invites you to pass by. It is a mistake, as the interior is worth the effort to visit, as it is not always open.

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