Visiting Termas de Monfortinho

Termas de Monfortinho – 2 quick visits

Visiting Termas de Monfortinho

Very remote and with a spa as its top attraction, the only reason that took me three times to Monfortinho was the ease to find accommodation near the central border, and its price.

I’ve been in hotel Fonte Santa and Astoria, rating four and three stars with a correct service matching the price, and in a nameless hostel soon forgotten, but only kept memories from the first.

So, if you like spas, or need to sleep in the area, this could be your solution.

Positive impression Fonte Santa – Quiet and Lonely

Fonte Santa
Termas de Monfortinho - 2 quick visits
Fonte Santa - Monfortinho
F. Santa – Monfortinho

If you want a quiet and reasonable hotel, away from it all, this may be your choice. In a thermal location, close to the border, unless you go hunting or exploring the area (good idea) you will be forced to… rest.

Address: Termas de Monfortinho

Phone: (+351) 277 430 300

Website : F. Santa