Mojácar – 2 hot visits

Mojácar – At the edge of “Sahara”

Hot, hot, hot, only the sea allowed a little relief.

The white houses climbing the hills rival with Tarifa, in its Moroccan look.

​Nowhere else in Europe we felt so close to the Sahara.

Maghrebian Look


White houses climbing the hills, compose an unspoiled image of Mediterranean architecture, with a taste of Maghreb.

We were so “cooked” that, after a swim, we left quickly to a milder place. But, next time, with air conditioned in the car, we will stop and look around.

​We did! Nothing much to add, unless… apartments. many!


Mojacar 4
Mojacar 4

It is not a nice beach, but… it’s a beach.

​The sand is dusty and hard, the sea was rough when we were there (red flag), but the weather is hot, hot, hot.

The heavy construction in the area shows that a lot of people loves it.

Dive, quickly!


A few minutes before arriving in Mojácar, passing in Sorbas, we were stopped by road works.

We had no air conditioned, and the dust was so strong, that we had to keep the windows closed all the time.

The temperature inside the car went over 60º C, for sure, during… I say almost ten minutes, Fernanda says… half an hour!

​Doesn’t matter! 

We were so cooked, that seeing the ocean, we start undressing straight away in the car, stopped… anywhere and… jumped to the water. Only afterwards, looking behind, we noticed that it was a rough pebble beach, and the car… needed to be parked.

Heavy construction

Mojacar 3

I passed this beach twice, the first 50 years ago, at a time when it was desert, in tune with the interior also desert.
I thought that this neighborhood would guarantee that this emptiness would remain.
On this second pass, the tourist construction frenzy had already taken over the area, only the red flag on the beach explaining the low frequency.
I confess that it continues to be the area of southern Spain that least attracts me.

Mojacar, I remember!

As I wrote in another tip, thirty years ago we were caught in Sorbas by road works that forced us to stay 15 minutes inside a car without air-conditioned, with closed windows, under more than 40º Celsius. As soon as we could leave, we drove to the sea, passing Mojacar and jumped to the water in the first opportunity – a pebble beach, that, since then is commented as our “Mojacar relief”.


We’ve been in vacation nearby, and decided to visit Mojacar and “our pebble beach”.

Well, it is not there…​ What we saw has nothing to match our memories, and even discounted the heavy construction, couldn’t be the place.

​Back home I consulted an old map, and realized that the old road goes from Mojacar to Garrucha, and that must be the place of the beach.

​To check next time.