Melides beach


Melides beach

A small lagoon by the sea, about 5 Km from town, is a good spot for a day in the wild.

The structures are very basic, and, in summer, there is always people spreading in the wide stripe of sand.

​Camping is the main lodging resource.


Melides beach

If you like wide and not crowded beaches, without great facilities, and in a wild looking environment, Melides could be your beach (if you don’t mind the cold Atlantic water).

​Served by two campgrounds, with separated accesses to the sea, a small lagoon is an extra attraction.

Positive impression Vapor – In the wild


Right at the entrance of Melides beach, a simple stall serves very fresh fish. The service is rudimentary, cleanliness is only the possible under those circumstances, and the price regular. 

So, what made it special?

Two things:

1 – It was late, and we were hungry.
2 – “I’m going to grill this sole to you. I caught it last night”. 

What’s the price for this?

Directions: By the beach

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