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Mateus – 1st visit


Mateus palace

Img 20210825 114223
Img 20210825 114223

I don’t know if it was the town that gave the palace its name or the other way around, the truth is that in terms of tourism today everything boils down to the palace, its gardens and the highly reputed rosé.

Visiting the palace is expensive, and the lack of parking helps to limit visits. It is possible to buy a ticket just for the garden, and many visitors do as we do, limiting themselves to a pleasant visit outside.

Visits: Fundação

The gardens

Mateus 5
Mateus 5

The gardens are frankly beautiful, and allow a complete exterior view of the buildings. Maybe that’s why the price isn’t very popular either.

The wine

Img 20210825 120950
Img 20210825 120950

The popular Mateus Rosé boasts a photo of the palace, suggesting that it is a product of the foundation itself, however, if so, it is not made on site.
The palace complex and gardens are surrounded by some vineyards, but no signs of industrial or winemaking activities are visible in the vicinity.

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