Martingança – 1 lunch 1001 times passing


To see Martingança

This is not a tourist destination, but is a growing industrial small city, with a good restaurant and… good friends.

​Do I need more to visit it?

Positive impression Estrelícia

​Good but “out of the beaten path”

I was invited to this restaurant twice by a local friend, worried with the risk that the actual crises represents to restaurants, specially for those trying the keep a good standard in quality, but out of the touristy or business centres.


They were two good experiences, demonstrating that the restaurant deserves his support. The first time we were three, and had a very good seafood rice. The second one we were… 60, eating meat, but the quality was respected.

​I only paid the second time, a very reasonable price.

Address: Centre of town

Phone: +351 244 589 564 Facebook: Restaurante

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