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Majorca – 2 great beach holidays


Visiting Majorca – The Main Island

Mallorca, more than offering you some of the best European beaches and best weathers, is not only a coast.

​It has the advantage of its small size and diversity, allowing you to stay in the beach as long as you want, and use the useless or dangerous hours of the day to travel inland and discover the Island.​

Palma de Mallorca is a big and nice city, from where we may easily reach all the interesting points in a day trip even the remote Formentor cape or Sa Calobra.

Formentor cape I didn’t visit all, but Manacor, Porto Cristo with its caves, the many calas around Cala d’Or, Alcudia, Pollensa, Lluc, Palma Nova and Magalluf were interesting visits.

Tito went there again with his son, this time to Santa Ponsa. I will ask him about it.


Alcudia – Majorca

In the opposite side to Palma, protected by the mountains of Formentor, a large bay holds a long sandy beach.

It’s a good starting point to the visits to the wild northern coast, but, as long as my quick two visits and one bath allowed me to see, it is not in the top beaches of the island.

​Landscape is appealing, everything is near, and the bath was not bad, after all.

Cala d’or

Calador - Majorca
Cala d’Or

Which beach shall I choose? Peaceful and secure? Why not one of the many calas?

We went to Cala D’Or – Very good.

​The hotel was excellently located, the beach was safe but sometimes overcrowded. The service was good and the animation one of the best we have seen. So, the week passed quickly, and we had to move, because the second part of holidays should follow the preferences of the young members of the team, in the lively Palma Nova.

Sa Calobra

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Sa Calobra

It’s the hell of a job driving downwards the coast to Calobra. And shall we say that the sights, upon arrival compensate the effort?

Well… If you admire dramatic landscapes, yes. If you wanted just to see something different in the island… Yes.

If you were expecting a very spectacular site… No.

​But, may I ask, spectacular, is not the way down and up?

​Porto Cristo

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Porto Cristo

Situated close to the famous caves of Drach and Helms, this is a beautiful beach, though usually very crowded.

The beach is well sheltered, and circled by a road lined with restaurants and bars, which makes it a lively place, but not the ideal for a relaxing days.

​Most of the excursions to the caves visit this beach, and that means a lot of traffic.

Cuevas del Drach

Cuevas del Drach
Cuevas del Drach

I’ve been in many caves, all with the same type of beauty – the stalactites, stalagmites and water ponds.

Some details make them all different but the Cuevas del Drach have something special: in the bottom of it, you sit in a large room and gently, softly in the dark, a small boat comes sliding in a silent rowing, while a few musicians perform delicate chamber music.

The acoustic conditions, the unusual ambiance, and the tranquility of the experience is something to remember.​

I’ve been there twice, and will not be surprised if it happens a third time. 

​Someone wrote me suggesting that I should add:”(…) it is very important to enter Porto Cristo, and then to follow only the signs marked clearly “CUEVAS DEL DRACH”, because there are another caves nearby, and it is easy to be misled.

“I did it, with pleasure. Thanks Maiorica (in the gone Virtualtourist)

Formentor cape​Not with Fernanda

Maiorca 797 35 9 95
Maiorca 797 35 9 95

I made two attempts to reach the end of the cape.

Both of them failed with Fernanda feeling dizziness (and fear), caused by the winding roads and steep cliffs.

It’s a pity.

​The landscape is beautiful and, I must confess, we have crossed some more dangerous paths.

F1000006 5
F1000006 5

Palma de Majorca

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Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Majorca is a very interesting capital where I’ve been twice, always discovering new motifs of interest. Of course, they deserve a detailed reference in the specific page of Palma de Majorca.

I recommend Barceló Ponent Playa hotel

F1000006 3
Barcel? Ponent Playa hotel

Lazing beside the beach

F1000007 3
F1000007 3

A nice stay, to adults and children. The beach is animated by day, and quiet at night, but never boring. The service is good, and the hotel’s animation follows Spanish standards, with success.

Good price/quality ratio.

Address: Cala d’Or

Website: Hotel

​Ferry from Valência

Maiorca 797 35 9 113

I didn’t like the experience of crossing to Balearic Islands from Valência. We left the continent in a overnight trip that was not so bad, but the discreet balances of the boat were enough to awake me every 87 seconds. In our way back, during the day, I spent 12 of the most boring hours in my life.

Yes there was a bingo, and a small bathtub baptized as pool, but nor even the kids took any profit of it.​

No! Plane, even a little more expensive, is MY transport to the Islands, however, to learn we need to try everything – it was my only night in the ocean, reinforcing my love for solid land.


Pearl Factory

Img138 22 9 88

Knowing the strong advertising of Mallorca pearls, from Manacor, I was very curious about the technology of pearl making.

What a disappointment!

A line of women painting small plastic balls, drying them, slipping them in a string… and… head to the shop.

​The big, big, shop!

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