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Lund in 2 pleasant hours


To see Lund – Nice city

There, we were sorry for not having enough time to dedicate to this city, the most beautiful we saw in our rushed visit to Sweden.

The sensation of emptiness and silence that Sweden left on us was not felt in Lund. The narrow streets were clean, and filled with people, mostly young, in a peaceful and ordered fraternization.

It’s easy to feel the weight of the many students of local university.

Dating from the XII century the cathedral deserves more than the minutes we had to it.

Almost Latin


I know that, for the Swedish, we Latins, are too noisy and agitated.

Easy to confirm when, in Sweden we feel like walking in a cemetery and not in a city.

Lund was a pleasant exception, with people strolling and talking in its beautiful narrow streets. And we loved this city.

​A dark cathedral

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Initially built in 1234 after a fire in the old church, following the Romanesque style common to north of Italy and Rhine region, this cathedral is a heavy and dark building, with several modifications and restorations until 1923, when it finally acquired the actual look.

Website: Cathedral

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