Longues and WW2

Longues – the defeated cannons of WW2


To see ​​Longues sur Mer

Three strong bunkers with powerful canons line the coast.

They show the damages suffered during the bombing and assault, giving us an idea of the violence of its conquest.

The actual quietness enhances the feeling of a dead place, and death is really the obvious reference of the area.

This is the only battery in the Atlantic wall to have kept it’s guns and emplacements. Originally comprising 4 casemates, shelters, guns and a range-finding post, this German battery held its position for only some hours surrendering in the morning of the 7th june. Their visit helps to understand the violence of the battle that submitted it in such a brief time.

The battery

Longues and WW2

It’s free and quick to visit, but it deserves a stop and a moment of reflexion. How many dramas are silenced in those bunkers? Those guns covered Omaha and Gold beach, and took a full day to be dominated.

Now the place has not been changed, seeming abandoned, but it is respected. Besides, someone must be taking care of it and providing organized visits. But it’s no need, unless you want to listen to the details of the bloody day.

Directions: Half way between Bayeux and Arromanches

Website: Longues

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