Lisboa district

Lisboa district – 2 Precious cities in a precious district


To see Visiting Lisboa district

Dominated by t​he great capital this is the district that 60% of the tourists know better (the other 40% go straight to Algarve or Porto).

Lisbon is, of course, the top destination, but Sintra is also almost mandatory, as the coastline connecting Lisbon to Cascais. What else?

My preferences:

*** Not to be missed
** Very Interesting
    Azenhas do Mar
    Cabo da Roca
​Also in the district OeirasCarcavelosLourinhã and Sobreiro and the less interesting Amadora. ColaresLoures, Torres Vedras and the beaches of Maçãs, Areia Branca, Santa Cruz, Santa Rita and Porto Novo.


Visiting Lisboa district
Visiting Lisboa district – Ericeira

To complete the visit to Lisbon and included in the trip to Sintra and Mafra, you’d better allow some more time to see the generally called “saloia” area, meaning rustic, because, in the old days, their agriculture fed Lisbon.

By the sea, Ericeira was a great fishing port, still showing well the traditional look and it being a good place for a quick stop, from two hours to two weeks.

​This is, also, one of the top destinations to eat seafood.


lisboa 3566 resize 2
Visiting Lisboa district – Lisbon

Capital of the district and the country, Lisbon it’s one of the top places to visit.

It has not the variety and richness of most European capitals, and some foreigners become disappointed with the degraded condition and even dirt in some of the old quarters, but to enjoy the visit it is important to skip those unaesthetic areas (that all the towns have, as a matter of fact) and to dedicate more attention to the effects of light in the clarity of town. It is also important to follow the river from Expo 98 (a well succeeded project of modernity) to Cascais, the British preferred place. In between, Belem is a world by itself, but Lisbon is also a good base to short trips to the many “must see” in a short distance.


Lisboa district
Visiting Lisboa district – Loures

​Saloios are gone

When, in 1963, I moved to Lisbon, Loures was a village almost 10 miles away, where we rarely went, and usually just passing by. With the disordered growth of Lisboa, Loures became a peripheral city, in practice almost a neighborhood at the edge of the city.

Some commercial and service activities were transferred to the area, and Loures is today a city alive and with an urban image.

​From the tourist point of view, we can say that Lisbon is just there, Sintra nearby, Mafra and Sobreiro not far…


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Visiting Lisboa district – Lourinhá

Visiting for a lunch and returning

Lourinhã, a few kilometers north of Torres Vedras, is known mainly for its dinosaur’s trails. In my first visit I didn’t see them but had a nice lunch with friends.

Years later, with a grandson, dinosaurs were mandatory.


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Visiting Lisboa district – Oeiras

From Lisbon, this is the beach that achieves the best ratio between the quality of the beach and the distance from town.

Located halfway between Lisbon and CascaisOeiras is not a common stop for foreigners, being used mainly by Portuguese looking for good beaches close to Lisbon.

​A fastly growing city, not being a top destination, is gathering each more reasons to attract visitors, showing something new each time I visit it.


Lisboa district
Visiting Lisboa district – Sintra

Half an hour distant from Lisbon, Sintra is one of the few Portuguese “must see”.

My many visits were superficial, but recently, VT forced to a more attempted look and new photos.

The great point is that, each time, Sintra has something new to reveal.

​Be my guest in my Sintra page.

Lisbon beaches

Visiting Lisboa district – Carcavelos

The coast between Lisbon and Cascais, taking advantage of protection from the prevailing winds and waves as it faces south, is dotted with several relatively calm and easily accessible beaches.
Among them all, Carcavelos is the largest and most frequented, Oeiras, next door, has two good beaches, Estoril and Cascais are the most cosmopolitan, but a lot of people spread throughout the others, making traffic and parking sometimes chaotic.

West coast beaches

Praia de Santa Cruz
Visiting Lisboa district – Praia de Santa Cruz

To the north of Cabo da Roca the sea is open, with waves and wind that are sometimes strong, which makes the various beaches more suitable for water sports than for bathing. The landscape in general is lush, (Azenhas do Mar is a sight that no one misses), and, between Ericeira and Paimogo, at the edge of Lisbon district, I highlight Santa Cruz, Santa Rita, Porto Novo and Praia da Areia Branca.

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