Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro – 5 days of good sport

Visiting Lignano Sabbiadoro – sport and beach

Dance was the reason that made me “discover” Lignano.

The pretext was joining the European Masters Games, but I extended the program, to visit the area (including Slovenia).

Well, it was a so good experience that I decided to repeat as soon as possible. We failed Nice in 2015, now let’s try to keep dancing until 2019 to go to Torino.

​ I will be a 73 years old youngster, so… why not?


Visiting Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

It was a surprise the calm of this long avenue bordering the beach.

The commerce is in the back, parking has severe restrictions, and September reduced the travelers.

​How will it be in peak time?


Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

I must confess that, if it wasn’t dancing, I would never go to Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Probably, I would never know of its existence.

Dancing (as any other cultural or sportive activity) has its advantages, and sometimes “sends” us to unexpected places.

Of course, before going I read a lot about Lignano planning the best program for that week, and I was afraid of the beach – the reviews were mainly negative.

Well, that preparation was good, and the beach didn’t disappoint me.

​​Being in the middle of September meant a almost empty beach, only with the doubt of the weather, and the weather was exceptionally hot until the last day, when the rain came (blessed rain, that allowed me to visit Udine).

​The competition didn’t allow us much time for the beach, but the few time that we had was…good. In August, if all those umbrellas are used, then it will be a real nightmare, with the dense use of the long sand stripe, but… I will not return in August (nor in any other month, unless…)

​Viale Venezia

Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

All my stay in Lignano was lived around this pedestrian street, that makes part of the commercial axis of town.

​Stretching from Piazza Abbazia and the church, it was the closest to our hotel, and each day (three times a day, to be honest) Fernanda counted the shops and verified that they kept selling the same things, while I slowly walked in the middle of the street until… turning back.

​Piazza Fontana

Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

Differently from the beaches in Portugal or Spain, the commercial activity is not located in the marginal avenue, but in a parallel one a few meters behind.

​Here and there a roundabout signals the main traffic streets, and, though the long beach has not a defined central area, we may refer to Piazza Fontana as the most central place in town. That makes it one of the most used places for public events

​Viale Tolmezzo

Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

From the church to Piazza de la Fontana, the pedestrian commercial street changes its name to Tolmezzo.

The same pattern, the same look, the same activity that extends from Piazza de la Fontana to Viale centrale.

​It was a little far from our hotel, so, I only was forced to walk it once a day. Or twice…


Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

The church, located in the pedestrian main avenue, is the liveliest area of town.

With a modern look, it didn’t “invite me in” – I tried to visit the small St Mary chapel near the sports center but couldn’t do it.

​So the only thing that I may recommend from the main church is the sound of the bells, clearly audible at distance.

​Piazza Abbazia

Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

We were driving from Bologna to Slovenia, when I decided to stop in Lignano and ask in the hotel to keep our dancing costumes until our return to stay, three days later.

It was planned to be a 5 minutes stop, to arrive not too late at Bohinj lake.

When we arrived, Fernanda discovered that she had forgotten the plastic bag to protect the dress and it would be dangerous to keep it in my bag – in our absence the costumes could fight, or something, so, the solution was… to buy a bag.

Good bye five minutes!

​​​I gave my best, asking everybody from shop employees to three years old children WHERE MAY WE BUY A BAG?

“Nowhere”, was the general answer, but, you know… “I am” very stubborn and Fernanda decided to confirm the bad news. That’s how I browsed all the many shops in and around Piazza Abbazia, three days before arriving in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

I found the bag in Ljubljana, as expected, and in the six days spent in Lignano the new pretext for the daily visit to the shops in and around Piazza Abbazia was… a third beach towel.

​Night stroll

Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

There is not much to do and see at night in Lignano, so, the common night occupation is walking in the main commercial street, stopping for a drink in the many restaurants and bars.

Near the church it is possible to listen to some music, performed by street artists.

For a couple of nights there was a very good south american group.


Lignano Sabbiadoro
Visiting Lignano

I tried to do a trip across the laguna to Grado, but couldn’t do it. I thought that there were regular connections along the day, but I was wrong – there’s a boat that makes one trip in the morning along the lagoon, and another one in the afternoon to Grado, And that’s all. If you can’t adapt to the scheduled trips, just forget it, and that’s what we did, using the car to the desired visit to Grado.If you want to do one of the trips, look for motor ship Europa in Lignano Sabbiadoro port.

​Trip to the Isola delle Conchiglie and the lagoon, Monday to Saturday; from 9.30 am to 12.00 am Prices: Adults: € 13.00; Children: € 7,00 Trip to Grado and its lagoon, departing at 2.00 p.m. and returning at 7.00 p.m. Price: € 17.00 for adults, € 9.00 for children from 4 to 12 years old

I recommend Corallo restaurant


My favorite

We used this restaurant twice, both times with a very positive impression.

Its location and exterior look convinced me that it should me expensive, but I think that it had the best price-quality ratio.

The menu is long, and though dominated by the inevitable pizza, it as a great diversity.

The prices were in line with the other, which meant more satisfaction for the same money.​

As it should be.

​In Portugal, for may years, the restaurants used to charge “Couvert” that was supposed to cover the bread and something else eventually brought to the table without any order, but sometimes respected to… nothing.

After a long fight, that use was forbidden, and now the restaurants may charge only what the customers consume. In Italy I was surprised by the same use, and, in any restaurant, before starting to order and eat, we were already paying at least 3€.

I still don’t accept it, and here I leave my invitation to the Italian and visitors to fight that unfair use. No more “coberto”, per favore!

Address: Via Miramare, 57

Positive impression Luigi restaurant

Eating in Lignano
Eating in Lignano – Luigi

Good Squids

It was our first restaurant in Lignano, and we repeated.

Nothing to say, the quality was good, maybe the prices a little bit higher than its equivalents.

Address: Vialle Venezia, 99

Positive impression Jolly

Eating in Lignano – Jolly

Self Service

The cheapest restaurant, was a kind of self-service – we ordered in the counter, paid the bill, and brought to table what was ready to consume, waiting for the food needing cooking or heating.

Pizza is the main dish, but there are alternatives.

I tried to go there again in my last dinner, but the rain during the day announcing the end of summer season had already anticipated its closure.

Address: Vialle Venezia

Positive impression Agosti restaurant

Eating in Lignano – Agosti


Entering this restaurant, I was expecting something… great!

Most tables were reserved, and the restaurant looked nice. A promise.

Well, I have nothing to complaint, it was a normal dinner, the prices for the food were normal, but the same didn’t happen with the drinks – 3 € for a Sprite is discotheque price, and my wine cost the double of the usual.​

And more, as I think I already noticed:

​​Agosti was the winner of the abuse, charging a “coberto” of 5€ for exactly… nothing!

Address: Via Tolmezzo, 42

Positive impression Baby restaurant

Eating in Lignano – Baby

Fresh fish

Here we were already organized to save some money – we need not to eat at the Italian way – Antipasto, first dish, second dish, desert, and one more kilogram in the belly…No!

We ordered only a first and a second dish and shared them, however we didn’t save…

The second dish was very expensive – mix grilled fish – but… who cares?

​It was good!
Favorite Dish: Mixed grilled fish
Address: Vialle Venezia 38

Sleeping in Lignano

Hotels in Lignano
Hotels in Lignano

Hotel0 Al Prater Hotel


I think that I never read comments about a hotel with such unanimity – it was very good to everybody.

Even in 5 stars hotel, there’s always someone, with problems reverted in negative appreciations. That was not the case, and I booked the hotel for a week with confidence, only surprised by the price below average.

​Well, the hotel was remodelled two years ago, and it’s very welcoming – the rooms are large and comfortable, the breakfast, though missing the cooked dishes used by British or American had everything that we use to eat and drink (and more) with good quality.

Sleeping in Lignano - Prater
Sleeping in Lignano – Prater

​​The staff is very welcoming and friendly, looking like a family that they probably are, but treating the costumers almost as relatives. The location is perfect, in the central area, close to the beach, and, furthermore, it has free parking, always with available space.

No doubt, this hotel was an excellent choice.

Address: Via Adriatica 21, Lignano Sabbiadoro, 33054, Italy

Phone: +39.339.6427877

Site: Prater

Good option in Lignano


Parking in Lignano is not easy nor cheap – large forbidden extensions and the streets near the beach have parking meter, with short term control and high prices.

Lignano info - Parking
Lignano info – Parking

Most hotels have reserved parking, and that must be a point to consider when booking.

Our hotel – El Prater – had free parking a few meters distant from the hotel, in a fenced terrain, providing the guests with an extra key for the gate’s locker.

​Comfortable, safe, and free.

European Masters Games


I read that Lignano Sabiaddoro is a beach that attracts using an extra argument – sports. With large and good sportive facilities, several sportive events of all kinds take place in town, giving life to it. As a matter of fact, I would never go to Lignano Sabbiadoro, if it wasn’t… sports.

European Masters Games was an event that gathered more than 4000 competitors in 20 sports. It was not hard to identify them in the beach, but everybody took seriously the sportive objectives, and no matter the age and condition,we all gave our best in competition and fraternization.

​Private party

Memories of Lignano
Memories of Lignano

Some sports events provide extra animation, and that could be a good chance for a different night in a calm city. The European Masters Games made two parties, one at the opening, in the beach and the final one at the sports centre. We were not present in the first one, but we heard that it was a great event, with thousands of people.

​The last one gathered only a few hundreds, but it was vary good, with a fabulous musical group. In a no stop performance the imitated most top singers and players in the world. A simple and humorist change of head of hair, and the singer immediately acquired a new identity and style, always playing and singing with great emphasis and quality.Everybody danced all night, of course!

And we danced… danced… danced…

Memories of Lignano
Memories of Lignano

Having fun and making friends


​Salumeria da Luciano


​ Great image

No, I didn’t buy anything there (I didn’t buy food out of restaurants, otherwise I would), but couldn’t resist to stop and look, each time I passed in front of the shop – several times a day.

​I don’t know what is the strongest reason to attract people – maybe the very large window, maybe the geometric organization of the displayed items, maybe the sense of quality that the whole transmits, but this store should be a case study in merchandising. At night, the perfect illumination enhances the views, and Salumeria da Luciano becomes the greatest monument in Lignano.

Palmanova shopping

Lignano 738
Lignano 738

We had a serious problem in Lignano – the shops were not enough to Fernanda, but having a rental car we were free to browse Italy searching for something.

The closest mall was found in Palmanova, a big one, fortunately with the same concept and image as the Campera outlet here in Portugal, that doesn’t please her.

​I won time to visit Palmanova and Udine, so, no reason to complaint.

To do ​To do in Lignano


Lignano 469
Lignano 469

There were not many sellers in the beach of Lignano, but we were surprised by a few Thai ladies offering… Thai massage.

To do in Lignano

Fernanda couldn’t resist (of course!), and in two successive days she tried two different experts.

Was it good? Sure!

Which one was the best? No idea, but both tried to grant Fernanda as a regular client.

​No way! The games were waiting us! With a free occidental massage!