Leuven – a 3 good hours visit


Great Market square

Visit to Leuven - Grotte markt
Visit to Leuven – Grote markt

The Leuven‘s main square is a perfect wonder.

With an emphasis on the stunning palace of the municipality, the whole set reveals a harmony and balance that, by itself, is worth the trip to the city.

City Hall

City hall 2
City hall 2
City hall 1
City hall 1

An amazing sculptural ensemble is the municipal palace. With construction beginning in the 15th century, the current image is the result of several improvements, including the addition of the hundreds of statues that cover all the exterior walls.

Saint Peter church

St peter
Visit to Leuven – St Peter

It is necessary to read to confirm that the strange aspect of the tower of the Church of Saint Peter is due to the fact that it was never finished. The church began to be built in the 15th century, but due to the instability of the ground, it was stopped. This did not prevent UNESCO from classifying it as a World Heritage Site.

Roman door chapel

Roman door
Roman door

An old hospital was converted into a cultural center, maintaining the appearance of an old chapel.



Leuven’s most commercial street ends in a huge square in front of the train station.

In the center, a column celebrates peace.

Bar4 Sinbad

Eating in Leuven - Sindbad

We had no chance to have a meal in Leuven only entered this place to have a drink.

“Covid must have interfered with it as it appears to have closed.

I recommend Pastel de nata


It´s always a pleasure to meet abroad signs of our culture aend traditions.

We had that pleasure in Leuven with the most famous sweet from Portugal, available in the street. We tasted it – excellent, as expected.

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