Les Baux

Les Baux – interesting stop


To see Interesting

I visited Les Baux by accident.

I was dining in Salon de Provence, and, talking with the restaurant’s maid she asked me if I had seen Les Baux.

I said no, and she advised me to go back a few kilometers and see it.

​I did, and it was a good idea, because it is an interesting place, with a calm and healthy ambiance.

Strolling in the streets

Les Baux

The village is small, so it’s easy to visit, walking along the narrow and steep streets, and watching the perfect integration of the houses with the rocks.

Tea and herbs

Les Baux

The main local business seems to be… herbs. Aromatic herbs and tea are sold everywhere, thus, the prices should be very convenient. However, shopping has never been not my specialty…

The Castle

Les Baux

Standing in the top of the hill, this ruined structure includes several buildings from different epochs.

​There is a audio guided visit in six languages, but we were forced to skip it.

Cultivated fields


Agriculture in such a rocky soil must be hard, but the way they carefully cultivate around the rocks makes us believe that most of the sold herbs are local production.

​Almost a closed economy, in a secluded village.

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