Lapa – 2 hours amidst great devotion


To see Lapa sanctuary

Img 20190610 104423
Img 20190610 104423

The sanctuary is dedicated to Our Lady of Lapa, a revered Marian devotion in Portugal. It was built in the 18th century and is nestled within a rocky hillside, providing a picturesque setting for the sanctuary. The construction took several decades to complete, and it showcases a blend of architectural styles, including Baroque and Neoclassical elements.

Adriano’s castle

Img 20190610 102144
Img 20190610 102144

A man dreams, and the work is born.
Adriano dos Santos is a simple man who always dreamed of having a castle and, helped by his children, set to work.
The hardest thing seems to have been overcoming the formal constraints, as the autarchy was never willing to approve the project, and everything had to be done clandestinely.
The truth is that he managed to be happy, without harming anyone, just causing nice smiles.


Lapa festa

The Lapa Sanctuary attracts numerous pilgrims, especially during religious festivals and significant dates associated with Our Lady of Lapa.

We happened to visit during one of these pilgrimages, so we could only glimpse the interior over a sea of heads, absorbed in prayers that we didn’t want to disturb.

Img 20190610 104933
Img 20190610 104933

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