La Louvière

La Louvière – useful base for 3 nights


To see Visiting La Louvière

I stayed for a few nights in La Louvière, to attend the World Dancing Championship in Mons.

Visiting La Louvière was not an objective, but, since we were there, I used the free minutes to build an idea about the place.

Canal du Centre

Visiting La Louvière
Visiting La Louvière

UNESCO Heritage

Trying to discover the most interesting points to see, I was surprised by a UNESCO Heritage complex of four hydraulic lifts. It’s better to give space to UNESCO to justify their choice: “The four hydraulic boat-lifts on this short stretch of the historic Canal du Centre are industrial monuments of the highest quality.

Together with the canal itself and its associated structures, they constitute a remarkably well-preserved and complete example of a late-19th-century industrial landscape.

Of the eight hydraulic boat-lifts built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the only ones in the world which still exist in their original working condition are these four lifts on the Canal du Centre.”

Bois du Luc

La Louviere
Visiting La Louvière

Bois-du-Luc Museum

All the site is… a museum. Driving or walking in the streets, give a good idea of the space, but if you want to go deeper in the visit, you must enter the museum and book an audio guided tour. We didn’t!

At the end of the 19Th century, the Société des Charbonnages du Bois-du-Luc created a self sufficient village to the workers of Saint-Emmanuel pit.

The village, ruled by the company, had almost everything, from restaurant to hospital, (hall, park and kiosk, leisure activities, schools, library and Saint-Barbe church). Today the Bois-du-Luc, is a museum, to show the work and daily life of a miner and his family. Bois-du-Luc is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.


Positive impression Twice, eating in Pizza Hut? do you believe?

Pizza Hut

Yes, indeed – we ate twice in this restaurant, and… it was our only eating experience in this city. Why?Because it was handy when we needed a quick lunch, because it was good and the only one open in the mall when we needed a late dinner, and because all the other meals happened out of town.No complaints – the pizza and tagliatelle were tasteful as expected, and the price… with the advantages of fast food.

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: Cora mall

I recommend Europe or Akena?


Well, we didn’t stay exactly in Europe hotel but in Akena. The difference? 14€ per night.

Both hotels make part of a complex sharing access and resources, with three level of prices – por choice in the bottom, Europa in the middle, Business Apartments on top. Of course, I can’t compare the service, but what I saw in the common areas didn’t make any difference, so it must be in the rooms and breakfast.

Eat and sleep in La Louvière - Akena

Akena room was small but functional, the same applying to the bathroom. The staff was gentle, and breakfast, maybe poor to an American or English, was perfect to a continental. The best? Easy and safe parking, absolute calm and cleanliness. No complaints!

Address: Gare Autoroutière – Rue De Wavrin, La Louvière,

Phone: 0032 (0)64 66 44 44

Cora supermarkets – Our Oasis

Cora supermarkets
Cora supermarkets

I didn’t know this chain of malls, but it was extremely useful for us – Shopping, hairdressing, eating, we went there three or four times, in our three days in La Louvière.


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