Kalmar – Quick 1st visit


To see We arrived at Kalmar late in the afternoon wishing to see the castle, before going back to Vaxjo. But we couldn’t hurry, passing through places so beautiful as Lilla Torget or Stortorget, with the church proudly standing in the center. We reached the castle still in daylight, in time to an attentive observation from outside, but too late to enter.
It’s really an imposing building, strategically located and protected.

Night was falling around the castle, colors fading, but the site insisted showing its beauty.

​Kalmar Slott


I had planned to Kalmar the visit of the castle, referred in my guide as an impressive construction from the 12th century, rebuilt in the 16th to transform it in a palace.

Bad luck, we arrived too late, and only could admire it from outside.

​Even in the dusk, however, we could notice the strength of the fortification and the harmony of the whole.



This large and well managed place, having in the center, in evidence, the church, is surrounded by several beautiful buildings, composing an harmonious ensemble.

​The pavement was renovated in 2003, however, the ladies in our group didn’t feel very comfortable…

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