Jamaica – vibrant beauty in 7 days

To see A week in Jamaica

Most of my time was spent in Resorts, with a few trips around (the advantages and inconveniences of all-inclusive packages). Anyway, we had the chance to visit Negril and Ocho Rios, with a couple of quick passages in Montego Bay. We stayed in Runaway Bay and Lucea, but there we only wen straight to a couple of touristy points.

Grand Bahia Princess was good, and Palladium, a very good hotel just starting to operate, even better, if possible.

Palladium animation


Palladium was not only a good hotel – it had life.

Day and night we noticed that all the staff gave their best to please. And they did!
They were only a few, but with great enthusiasm, the animation team kept the hotel moving day and night.

Funny, and very nice the way they “dragged” people from the bars to the discotheque in their closing time.

​Artificial Beaches

Memories of Jamaica
Memories of Jamaica

The resorts mean a heavy investment, most of it in… beaches.

here is too much artificial details in some of the visited beaches, with the hotels trying to control the coast.

​That was clearly seen in Palladium hotel, with sand moving from place to place, and plastic canvas not yet totally hidden below the sand.

The work is not aggressive to the landscape, but the final result still misses some… authenticity.

​Spanish Recipes

Memories of Jamaica

After a few travelling decades, I agree that no one in the world matches the Spanish professionalism organizing mass tourism.

It was no surprise, finding this new Jamaican resorts led by Spanish, copying exactly the same techniques used in Spain to please the guests.

​The concentration of Spanish and Portuguese guests made us feel sometimes like being in Torremolinos or Benidorm

​Sunset Magic

Memories of Jamaica

I always preferred sunset to swim – the sun stopped being a menace, the water is hot, people are tired and retreating, and the calm of the night coming… it’s magic.

Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh