To see A lunch in Jaen

The city

Jaen 2
Plaza de la Constituiciòn

It was a very superficial visit, which left the image of a modern, well-structured and clean city.

Even in the historic center there was a feeling of space, architectural balance and good taste.

Provincial palace

Jaen 1
Provincial palace

The Provincial Palace or Palace of the Provincial Council comes from the 19th century, and it was built on a convent demolished in 1867, that was the residence of the king of Castile after the conquest of the city. It seems to have an interesting pictorial collection but we didn´t even try to enter.


Jaen 3
Jaen 3

The cathedral of Jaen began to be built in the 16th century, to replace a Gothic temple from the previous century.

The works lasted a long time, and it was only at the second goal of the 17th century that the façade was completed, considered one of the best examples of the Spanish Baroque.

Much copied in our cathedrals of Spain and Latin America, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012.

Positive impression La Mafia se sienta a mesa

Mafia - Jaen

An Italian restaurant, betting in quality. We were eight, one eating rice  with chicken, all the other different pizzas.

We all enjoyed the quality of the food, served with efficiency and gentleness.

The good decoration of the room and the initial question of the waiter ” Do you have a reservation?” made us suspect the prices, but though not being a cheap restaurant the prices were reasonable.

Address: Calle Bernabé Soriano, 27/29
Phone: +34 953 23 03 71
Website: La Mafia