Italy – Good surprises in each visit


 To see Italy – History and tourism

It’s a big country, as interesting as expensive. So, most of my visits were brief, until the holidays of 2004, when I took the family to Rome and Vatican, and drove to Sorrento via Naples, from where we visited CapriPompeii and the Amalfitan coast.

Back to Rome, we took the ferry at Civitavecchia to Olbia, and spent a week in Sardegna.

​My first visit to Italy was in 1979, restricted to the Italian Riviera, Milan and the northern lakes.

​A long weekend took us later to Vicenza and Venice.

Work took me several times to Rome and Roccantica, but also Florence, Venice, Lake of Garda, and Bolzano.

Dancing took me to the east coast, and, skipping Venice, where I had been three times, we wento to Lignano Sabbiadoro, visiting UdineTriesteGrado and… Slovenia (two great weeks).

So, Italy is a country still to be seen, but the world is so big, and time and money so small, that scheduling next visit is not at short sight.



​One of the highlights of Italy, the bay of Naples, has Capri as its central attraction.

Frequent boats from Sorrento and other harbours allow a visit that may be accomplished in just one day, as we did.

​Beware of touts and the promotion of the blue cave – only in some days, at some hours, you’ll be able to enter.



I’ve been in Rome for several times, and I keep thinking that no visit to Italy is completed without several days in Rome.

It deserves its own and large page, that will take time to build.

​However… it is growing.



I must confess that I came somewhat disappointed from Sardegna.

Good weather, many (good) beaches, beautiful landscape, but… I missed something – life, history, shopping, are topics where I expected something better.

​Anyway, I can’t blame anyone for my insufficient information, and it was a very good week in the beach, the main objective.



I never planned to visit Udine, and, even being not far (in Lignano Sabbiadoro) I was not expecting to go there, until the day when a few Portuguese friends suggested it as na alternative to beach in a rainy day.

​We went there, and the visit was rather interesting. A good surprise.



Trieste was a quick but interesting stop in my trip returning from Slovenia to Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The marks of the political changes in the area are well noticed in the city.



I’ve been in Venice four times, and I hope I will keep on going.

Everybody knows the wonder of the city, but there is always something new that we didn’t notice in our previous visits.

So many tips to keep posting in my Venice page…

​You’re invited!

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