Isla canela

Isla Canela – 7 calm days


Isla Canela Beach


Referred to as one of the purest beaches in Spain, Isla Canela is a destination for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, and rest on a calm and uncrowded beach.

There are no support structures on the beach, and all users have to carry whatever they want to use, relying on the proximity and direct access to the hotels.



The marina is small and easily accessible, surrounded by a few restaurants, but without the intense commerce of its counterparts.
Given the amplitude of the tides, some boats are dry at low tide, which does not seem to bother the owners.

Rest1 Cervezeria Cayuelitas

Cervezeria Cayuelitas – Isla Canela

Our first lunch outside the hotel was also the best, due to the diversity allowed by the well-prepared tapas.

The price was very satisfactory, and the service was unremarkable.

Rest1 Chiringuito Antonio V

Chiringuito Antonio V – Isla Canela

Seeking to diversify, the second dinner was at the next door, which we thought would follow the same line. We were wrong, and it was a conventional restaurant, where everyone chose their dish. Very identical quality and prices, but the slightest flexibility soon assured us that we would not repeat it.

Rest3 Dante

Dante esplanade – Isla Canela

The last meal outside the hotel was at this restaurant, with two terraces, one in front of the restaurant, and another on the opposite side, extending towards the marina.
It was the friendliest place, but the service suffered from the distance, being slow and very complicated, with some finishing dinner before others started.
The food was passable, and prices a little higher than competitors.

Hotel1 Playacanela hotel

Playacanela hotel
Playacanela hotel

We were a family group of 9 people, committed to providing the children with a good week.
The hotel was a perfect bet, with very nice facilities, organization and service very attentive to the children, who left there frustrated.
Given the distance from the sea and the lack of facilities on the beach, the stay at the hotel is long, but with alternatives for the most diverse tastes.

Site: Playacanela

Flies and mosquitoes

Marshes in Isla Canela

Knowing the swampy region that surrounds the beach, I researched before going what was in relation to mosquitoes. I verified that the municipality invests a lot in their control, and, in fact, we did not notice them.
The same cannot be said of the pesky flies, which, although not biting, did not spare themselves from bothering the people around the pool.

Wide dunes and beach

Isla Canela beach

Officially, the hotel is on the beachfront, but that doesn’t mean it’s very close. The beach has almost two hundred meters of sand, which is followed by an almost identical dune area.
The hotel has a gate that opens directly onto the promenade which, as usual, flanks the beach, allowing bathers to walk between the beach and the pool in a bathing suit.
We did it several times, but during the hours of full sun, the long crossing calls for some care.

Punta del Moral

Punta de Moral – Isla Canela

The eastern end of the island is called Punta del Moral. It doesn’t differ much from the island, it just adds a few small beaches on the access channel to the marina, perhaps useful on rare days when the sea is rough.

Isla Cristina


Crossing the access channel to the marina, we come across another island, called Ilha Cristina. This time we didn’t visit it because previous visits allowed us to confirm its absolute similarity with the part where we were.

Hotel animation


I had read excellent references to the hotel’s animation staff, and we confirmed their complete justice.
Twelve young people do not spare themselves to keep young and old active and fun, with traditional hotel games, a lot of imagination and friendliness.

Nautic sports


Being a sandy area with low dunes, the landscape is not very appealing, so the walks extend through the marshes and part of the Guadiana river.
The marina is also the base for some other water sports.

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