​Just passing by

The capital (the only thing that i visited) is nice and internationally famous to some minorities.

Although it is not exclusive, I preferred to go on to Mallorca, with many more interesting motifs, but if sun and sea and nightlife are your only purpose, this may be a quiet solution.

​ Don’t Imitate Us


Ibiza is really beautiful and must be an excellent place for vacations. We just passed there in our way to Mallorca, and what we saw made us decide that the second trip to the Balearic Islands would be to this island.


My second time in the islands was again in Mallorca, so I correct the decision:

​Our third time in the Islands will be in Ibiza.

Why not?


In my second visit to the Balearic, I tried to reserve some time to Ibiza, but we ended staying two weeks in different areas of Majorca. Why?

Because I couldn’t collect enough arguments to justify the extra costs of a trip between islands:

  • The beaches didn’t seem to be better than in Majorca;
  • The prices were higher;
  • The complementary attractions were not better;
  • The only great difference noticeable in everything that we read was some extra tolerance to “sexual originality”, not interesting at all for all of us.

Of course, if it there will be a third visit to Balearic it will probably be to Ibiza or Menorca. Just to see something (maybe) a little different.