Helsingor and its famous castle


To see The Town of Helsingor

A quick look of Helsingor on our way to the castle and back, revealed a busy harbor, with some preserved buildings, embellishing the face of a town deeply dependent of its main attraction – the castle.

​Does it have more? Maybe, but we didn’t see it.

Kronborg castle


We went to Helsingor  expressly to visit Kronborg castle. ​

Immortalized by Shakespeare, as the setting for Hamlet, the castle has its charm, first from the location jutting into the sea, and also from its structure and details.

The ensemble is strong and harmonious, and maybe because of the visibility given by the romance, looks familiar.

​The visit to the castle is easy and free, except for its highlights, which, not demanding much time, deserve the ticket’s price.


The ballroom

​One of those highlights is the Ballroom. Large and empty, it boosts a sensation of comfort and luxury.​

Helsingor and its famous castle

The chapel

The chapel is the top point of the visit to the castle.

With its Renaissance decoration, it is a festival of colors, in a style looking heavy and too dense to my Latin eyes, but all of it is harmonious and respectful.

​There are different tickets, according to what you wish to see, but this chapel should be your top priority.


The Casemates

Not everything is luxury and comfort in the castles.

The visit to the casemates help to have an idea of the soldiers hard life, and the unhealthy conditions they supported day after day.

​A statue of Holger Dansk reminds one of the Danish legends involving the castle.

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