Harrisburg – 1 day and a good night


To see Visiting Harrisburg – The Capitol

Our guide told us that it was the biggest in USA. I don’t care about sizes, in this case not even about prices.

It surely is a magnificent building, that you must see, especially from inside. I read that it was inspired in S. Peter’s cathedral, in Vatican.

​I don’t know if it is true, even if the structure really resembles the cathedral, but the interiors show an harmony that denies any attempt of copying and denounces the good taste and large resources used by the authors.

Susquehana waterfront

Visiting Harrisburg
Visiting Harrisburg – Bridges

The park and the gardens by the river are a pleasant place to stroll or to ride a bicycle.

​The several bridges across the river, some of them in use, some other abandoned but left as a volume in the river, help to compose the scenery and enhance the landscape. It was a good complement to our hotel in Harrisburg.

The Amish

Jordan warnings
With the Amishes

Known worldwide, this particular culture is a landmark of Pennsylvania. Locally, it’s easy to see, that their fight to block progress is being lost.

​Electricity is too powerful even for the Amish. So, halfway from the exclusive dedication to natural resources and the use of technological progress, they keep selling the differences, while surrendering to TV, movies or the efficiency of electronic cash registers.

Positive impression Stoltzfuss

Stoltzfuss 0
Stoltzfuss 0

​For those eating mainly fast food, Stoltzfuss must be quite an experience. However, in Portugal we are lucky to have each day homemade food, and, top luck, Portuguese homemade food.

That’s why I must confess that the food was OK, gently served, but… not a particularly great lunch.

​Fernanda loves jam (I don’t) and enjoyed also the desert that I didn’t taste.

I recommend Comfort Inn – Peace and tranquility

Comfort inn
Comfort inn
Comfort Inn Waterfront

Ten minutes away from central town, this hotel, located by the river, is an oasis of tranquility. The landscape is invigorating, and the pool, opening to the park, invites to relax and to breath. The bridges over the river compose a strange scenery, giving volume to the river. The service at the hotel is good, and the price is reasonable.

​Good cheap stay.

Address: 525 S Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17104

Personal memories Rural America in Pennsylvania


The dominating image of USA in Europe is made if skyscrapers, wide roads with big cars. But there’s another America, where development keeps present, but the rhythms and social life are more cal and simple. Pennsylvania looks like a huge farm, where the Amish are just a detail.​

Rural America
Rural America

​Harrisburg was our best opportunity to a quick approach to the rural USA. Though particularly influenced by the detail of the Amish cultural difference, it was nice to see the pace and simplicity in a agricultural area where the respect for traditions didn’t keep the men from achieving high levels of efficiency and quality. More than a restaurant with a souvenirs shop, Stoltzfuss was a farm where work was on, despite the clouds of tourists seeking around.

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