Nice 2 hours in Halmstad

To see The city of Halmstad

The main square of Halmstad, Stora Torg, is dominated by the modern but beautiful fountain Europa and the Bull.

In a sunny winter day it was pleasant to stroll around, but the Scandinavian prices in the shops didn’t motivate the women.

Not far, Soldier 91 at your service, and Fernanda felt tall.

After that only a few steps to see the boats and park

​Stora Torg


The heart of Halmstad is this large square, dominated by its central fountain and flanked by two buildings with signs of medieval times – St Nicholas church and the restaurant “Three hearts”, the former hospital.​

Nice 2 hours in Halmstad

​Europa and the bull


Europa and the Bull is a famous statue in the fountain in Halmstad main square, Stora Torg.

​The sculpture was created in 1926, in a competition won by the sculptor Carl Milles, using Greek mythology.

​Saint Nikolai Church


What about a medieval church with nowadays stained glass windows?

Looks crazy?

No! It’s only a matter of taste and quality.

The only unusual event was, when entering, being invited to Camille’s wedding.

​Sorry, Camile, we were only passing by, not conveniently dressed, and couldn’t accept. But, of course, we thank you, and wish you the best luck and happiness.

​Picasso Park


By the river there’s a park called Picasso park, where I guessed that would be something from the artist.

Well, there is at least one statue, but we didn’t have time to find it.

​The park seems to be a good relaxing area, in the rare days of warm weather.



In front of the castle we could see the world’s smallest purpose-built full-rigged ship, Najaden, built in 1897.

​It is open it to the public in the summer, with a café and entertainment.

​Say hello to 91


Mandel Karlsson, or 91:an Karlssson is a comic soldier born in Swedish literature.

I read nothing about it and were surprise by my friends familiarity with him (I think they were confusing him with Schweik, from Prague).

Anyway, 91 didn’t bother, and accepted the company of the Portuguese ladies in a couple of familiar photographs.​

I noticed that we were not the only ones (we had to line for the picture) but the other were Swedish, and those, maybe, some of his real friends.