Guizado – Promoted by a restaurant


To see Guizado – Promoted by a restaurant

What shall I say about this village? ​A dozen of common houses, surrounding a big restaurant where you may eat well and much, if you can have a table in one of their many rooms.

Yes, so far, Solar dos Amigos was the only reason to take me to Guizado.

Shopping Quantity in quality


A very big restaurant always crowded, in Portugal, means good and cheap food.

However, some places are special, as this one.

First of all, its huge size is distributed by several small rooms, each one with a particular and distinctive image, but all of them using rural artifacts, composing a typical look, suggesting some intimacy, and (important with Portuguese), reducing the noise.

Secondly, the food is carefully prepared and served in big quantities.​


Those who don’t know the uses, may be frightened reading the menu, with doses by 30 or more euros, but when we discover that a single dose feeds 3 or 4 people, the prices turn reasonable.

​Though a little bit “out of the Beaten path”, the restaurant is a common destination for Portuguese groups, and many tourist operators know already the way. It’s a very pleasant experience, with the only problem of parking.

Favorite Dishes : Tiborna de bacalhau, Cascos à casa

Address: Rua Principal, 49 Guisado, Salir de Matos

Phone: +351 262877135

Website: Solar dos Amigos

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