Gudhjem – Good lunch and 2 museums

Gudhjem, the “warmest” city of Bornholm, plenty of art, is the most beautiful and touristy small city in the island.

​Discreetly, but everything is prepared to receive tourists in the calm (and mostly cold) programs allowed by the weather.


Gudhjem - Bornholm

The Museum is located by the main road, at the entrance of the village on the northern coast of Bornholm.

​Housed in the former railway station (I didn’t notice when I visited it), it is administered by the municipal authorities and displays a reasonable collection of locally-produced arts and crafts.

I recommend 3760 Gudhjem – Good buffet


We had a good lunch, with a limited but tasty buffet. The waiters were nice, helping us in the choices we should make.

​Too much people, was, as usual, a sign of quality. The noise was almost Portuguese, but the prices were really Danish.