Garajuba by solopes

Guarajuba – 3 hours for a great bath


To see Excellent beach


Guarajuba is only sea. But what a sea…
Less explored than its neighbor Praia do Forte, the beach seemed much better – larger, calm, soft sand, no rocks in wide areas, a secluded natural pool (at least).  Yes, we loved Guarajuba!

It's there Hotel Vila Galé

Garajuba by solopes
Garajuba by Solopes

A curious story:
On this trip to Brazil, the objective was the wedding of a godson, in Ribeirão Preto, but we all took the opportunity to spend a few more days in Salvador.
The groom’s parents informed me that they would be staying at the Vila Galé hotel, and, although the dates did not match, I also booked that hotel.
Only after returning, when we exchanged impressions about the trip, did I realize that the hotel they stayed in was in Guarajuba, while I had opted for Salvador.
I didn’t regret the choice, as I had more time to visit Salvador, and I didn’t fail to enjoy some good moments on the excellent beach.
As for the hotel (recommended by them), I just realized that it would be somewhere on the far north section of the beach, which I photographed but did not walk.


Garajuba by solopes
Garajuba by Solopes

We didn’t walk much in town, but it was not needed – a lively commerce surrounded the beach with bright colors and rich displays

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