Granada – To return, after 5 good visits


To see The Arabs ruled Iberia for 6 centuries, and Granada was the last Muslim city to fall to the Christians in 1492, still keeping the best remains of Arabic occupation.

One of them is one of the most brilliant jewels of universal architecture – the Alhambra. It includes a series of palaces and gardens built in the 14th century, in a hill overlooking the city. It’s composed by several buildings, including the summer palace called Generalife.

Downtown there are also several interesting monuments to visit.

To a distant view of Alhambra, go to Albaicin, in the facing hill. It’s the old Moorish casbah or “medina”, with a labyrinth of narrow streets and whitewashed houses with inner gardens, known as “carmenes” and on top of it, at Plaza de San Nicolas, you have the best view. Sunset provide the strongest colors.​



The Pearl of Muslim Architecture

The complex of palace, fortress and garden of Alhambra is the most harmonious and beautiful Muslim building in Europe. I’ve been there four times till now, and… am not tired, yet. There’s no way to perfectly describe it: it’s something you have to feel in location, so… let’s go!

Address: Calle Real s/n

Alert: advanced booking is advised to prevent crowding

Phone: + 34 958 227 525

Website: Alhambra


Timeless Gardens

As everywhere else, the palaces are a preserved but dead testimony of an ancient culture and artists’ skills.

he gardens are a living element, that adds harmony to the whole, and helps to fade that sensation of absence and emptiness in the palace.

​Generally, Muslim gardens are always part of the best in their palaces.



The heart of the whole is the residence of the king, named Comares palace.

There you may find the most delicate details of the precious architecture of the palaces.


Later adding

The beauty of Alhambra is so impressive that christian rulers had no doubt to preserve (and to use it).

​Emperor Charles V left the most important signs of it, adding a Renaissance palace, less than one century after the conquest, nowadays one of the biggest buildings of the complex.


Granada - To return, after 5 good visits

The “poor” twin sister

Facing each other, as two “twin sisters”, the hills of Alhambra and Albaicin are the heart of the city. You may either climb to the “poor” Albaicin and enjoy the large sights over the town, with the splendors of Alhambra in face, or approach a window of Alhambra and admire the old houses climbing Albaicin hill.

​Or… you better do both things. Two complementary ways to feel the charm of Granada, and two mandatory visits.

Website: Albaicin

Granada - To return, after 5 good visits

​Palace of Justice

Granada - To return, after 5 good visits

The oldest square in Granada is called… New Square. Funny, isn’t it?

I don’t know why, maybe because it is so pretty that it survived all the other ones.

​Yes, it is very nice, dominated by the old Justice Palace and many other beautiful buildings.

Address: Plaza Nueva

​Constitution monument


In my first four visits I only had eyes to Alhambra. When I got acknowledged to it, in the following visits,  I started looking elsewhere, and confirming that this city is more than the palace – it’s a beautiful city.

​The monument to the Spanish constitution of 1812 stands in a large square of the modern city.

​Sun and Snow


Living the snow in Sierra Nevada, and, in less than one hour, to descend to the hot lively town is a good experience. That, and the fact of its proximity to Portugal, make Sierra Nevada the favorite winter station for Portuguese.

I recommend Luna hotel – Good Business

Luna hotel
Sierra Nevada

We wanted a good hotel easily accessible from the ring motorway, and, taking advantage of the low season (1st of May) and the holiday, a special price.

We got it. The hotel is more a business hotel than a touristic one, but it has all we needed (even more), and booked through RatesToGo, we paid almost half of desk price.

It will always be a hypothesis to consider, on a return to this city.

Address: 2 Plaza Manuel Cano, Granada, Granada 18004

Website: Luna


Hot and ski
Hot and ski

Snow, in Portugal means only Serra da Estrela, and only for short periods.

​That’s why the biggest winter sports resort for the Portuguese stays in Spain, exactly in Sierra Nevada. But if you are no winter sport lover, then spring is the best time to visit it, while there is enough snow to compose the look of the place, and, down the mountain, Granada starts to suggest the oven that Andaluzia becomes in summer.

The interest of the place is snow. So, if you don’t intent to practice, a couple oh hours is enough to wander around, make your pictures, and go down to Granada, where there is lots to do and see. If you want to do it, you better consult a specialised link like Sierranevada or Cetursa.

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