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Gibraltar in 3 quick visits

To see ​Visiting Gibraltar

In the old days, Gibraltar was a disputed place ruled by England against the nationalist feelings of Spain.

For the Portuguese it was mainly a tax-free port, with an unbelievable border. Lots of tales were known about its strong military use and its secrets. With the entrance in European Union of both countries tensions and border were gone, but with brexit…

​Only the rock remains, with its caves, and apes, and… histories.

A​nd there is Africa


Now that the military restrictions were reduced, a couple of hours will be enough to go up to the top, visit the caves, enjoy the wide sights over the straight and Moroccan coast, and descend, meeting the apes.


Website: History

Water collect


I think that Gibraltar has no water spring, and, being surrounded by Spain (sometimes not so friendly), they had to use other resources to obtain such a vital element.

In the slopes facing the sea, largely paved sections seem to be a solution to collect the rain into cisterns.

​What else could that be?

Delicate extinction


The only monkeys remaining free in Europe live in Gibraltar.

If you use the cable car, you don’t need to look for them, because they will approach naturally in both stations.

Though living in the wild, the permanent contact with people, and the habits of being fed by them, make this area a kind of a zoo without fences, for a species that is fattening and mutating until…

​Yes, the usual!