Gavà – 2 days by mistake


To see Gavá – a mistake

Fernanda wanted a few calm days in the beach.

I wanted to go back to Barcelona.

This place seemed to allow both things, so, I risked to reserve there.

Bulls eye. It’s a good and calm beach, only minutes away from Barcelona.

However, our plans changed…

​Large and free beach


I booked this hotel very doubtful about the beach, because I had never heard anything about this beach.

I read a lot about Castelldefels and Sitges, but Gavá… Was a pleasant surprise.

It is not a mass tourism beach, rather a calm and familiar one. Lots of space, cleanliness and tranquility, only missing… shops.

​And I was punished with five hours of forced works in Zara and Corte Ingles before moving somewhere else (but I’m not allowed to talk about it, so you read nothing, ok?)

I recommend AC hotel – Modern and comfortable

Gava 1

Excellent hotel by the beach, but not a beach hotel. It is located by the seaside, its gardens have two doors directly to the beach, but… always closed.

AC Hotel Gava
Ac Hotel

​So, to go to the beach, we had to exit the front door and go all way around the quarter which means about 200 meters. Not much, but our idea was an hotel IN the beach and, having that in front of us, without the permission to use was… we moved somewhere else, but not before making a photo of a fabulous piece in pâte-verre placed in the lobby.

Address: Tellinaires 33-35, 08850 Gavá

Phone: +34 936 45 15 10

Website: AC

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