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To see​ The breath of freedom, when, in 1971, I entered France for the 1st time, is something unforgettable.

Biarritz 1
Biarritz 1

Maybe because my youth was all lived under de domination of the French culture, I still have a particular love for that country. One day, maybe I’ll describe that trip in a travelogue; for now, just remember Bayonne and Biarritz as strong impact to who was coming from a dictatorial country in war, but also Confolens (where I felt in love with folklore), Chartres, and, finally, Paris.

Second visit

​Second time in France was a bad experience: a monstrous fire in Cote d’Azur killed 49 people. We were there, and couldn’t enjoy the local beauties.

Carcassone 3
Carcassone 3

In 1990, after some visits straight to Paris, we took the children to France for the first time, by car, and made a longer trip, that visited all the known places and included Strasbourg, Lyon, Chamonix, Avignon, and Carcassonne, from where we returned to Portugal with a stop at Andorra and other in Spain. And, years passing in the emerging American culture, I found that my good French was gone. 

The third

Paris 1
Paris 1

But we had already Internet. So, when my wife said no to a new vacation in France, preferring New York, I booked it in a French site, and joined a French group in a circuit through USA and Canada, with two extra days in Paris (all much cheaper than the simple circuit direct from Portugal). Two weeks in a English speaking country, in a French group with a French guide… what an opportunity to practice the languages.


repeated the experience to India, and used the extra days to visit Normandie. Rouen was a quick visit in the way to Mont St Michel, but the children adored Longues and St. Malo. What may I invent now, to take my wife back to France? A professional visit to Nancy made me start promoting the museum of Baccarat, I do want to see. But what else, to drag her? I DID IT!

Nancy 1
Nancy 1

We went to Paris as a stopover in the way to Dubai and China and we visited Baccarat Museum (dealt against La Fayette, Zara and Printemps). A few weeks later I had to go back to Nancy (getting new pictures to replace the ones lost in the computer after my first visit) but… Baccarat was already seen.

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