Vila Nova de Fozcoa

Fozcoa – Outstanding 20000 years old art


To see Expected to be a booming touristic novelty, this small town keeps being the same quiet and conservative place.

The Archaeological Park, is already producing its results, but… slowly.

Vila Nova de Fozcoa keeps being a nice place for a short visit, wandering around in search of the good old Portugal.

Almendra Palace


Small village with less than 500 inhabitants, located a few kilometers south of Foz Coa, it has to see, more than the rupestre carvings, the palace of the viscount of Almendra, and a Romanesque church.

Fozcoa Archaeological Park


A few years ago, people preparing the building of a new dam, discovered, in river Coa slopes some strange carvings. Following studies confirmed the existence of a large collection of Paleolithic figures, some of them dated from about 20 000 years ago.

The works were stopped, and the area was preserved, and declared by UNESCO as World Heritage.

​It’s not an easy job, visiting the place.

You must book in advance, and may choose to use a jeep to follow the 20 km of trails, or to use a boat to see it from the river, in a less detailed but more comfortable way.

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