Foz del iguazu by solopes

Foz del Iguazu – 30 minutes of êxtase


To see Foz del Iguazu in minutes

If, really, the true power and dimension of Iguazu falls can only be seen from the Brazilian side, the Argentine one is totally different, allowing you to stroll over the water, with vertiginous sensations and an opportunity to notice some details impossible to imagine from the other side.

Iguazu falls

Iguazu 5
The falls


Iguazu 8
At the falls
Foz de Iguazu

The paths along the edge of the falls are a maze of narrow wooden bridges, going up and down, over the water or around it, allowing a fantastic walk really “inside” the falls.

Contrasting with the magnificence of the wide mouths seen from the Brazilian side, here you may see the fine details of the dozens of small cascades that compose the whole tremendous show.

You may get dizzy with the view of the water sliding under your feet and falling ahead.​


Iguazu 6
Iguazu 6
Iguazu 7
Iguazu 7

I think that no one sees the falls only from the Argentine side – the big show is at Brazilian side.

​However, it’s easy to cross from one country to the other, so, staying in Brazilian Iguaçu town, it only took us a couple of hours by bus, to stroll in the Argentine falls and go back.

That said, don’t miss the vertiginous sensation of walking over the falls, with the falling waters sliding under your feet, in Argentina side.

The Forest

Iguazu 9
Iguazu 9

Hiding and showing the falls, in a game that we are invited to play and do accept with delight, the forest completes the ambiance, and gives dept, color and life to the site.

In Brazilian side there´s a circuit that shows the forest; here, I had no time to find out.

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