Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho – Good beach 2 in one


To see Visiting Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho is a beach about 10 km from Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha and S. Martinho do Porto.

​It’s a place where most of the people generally is passing by, because there’s not much lodging in the area: a three star Hotel, a camping and Inatel – a vacation club for portuguese workers.

This beach combines perfectly a rough sea wit a calm lagoon. It’s your choice!


Visiting Foz do Arelho

Swimming, water sports, or just picking shells, the tranquility of the lagoon as an alternative to the adjacent sea, serves it all (and the water is warmer than the sea…).

​The bottom of the lagoon is somewhat irregular, so, those not knowing to swim must be very careful.

The sea

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If the lagoon is too quiet for you, or surf or snowboard is your purpose, just go across the sand stripe, and the sea is there, always with a good surf… sometimes too much good.

​Check the flag or watch the other people prior to enter the water.

I recommend A Lareira

A Lareira
A Lareira
Eating in Foz do Arelho - A Lareira
A Lareira

Eat well in the pine forest

Half way between Caldas da Rainha and Foz do Arelho, and only 10 km from Óbidos, this restaurant is, generally, one of the first choices to take large groups in search for a good meal.

If the group is good and in the mood, the night may be animated. Anyway, for a single person or a small group or family, the quality is the same. It is a quiet and healthy location, the service is friendly and the food very tasty.

Favorite Dish: Most of the dishes adapt traditional Portuguese cuisine with European flavours and what we call new cuisine. The result is positive, and provides a large diversity of alternatives, hard to choose.

​Directions: In the old way from Caldas da Rainha to Foz do Arelho, after about 5 km, turn right where signposted.

Internet – A Lareira

I recommend Cais da Praia

Cais da Praia

Several times we passed by this restaurant, always skipping it because it’s dark image was not appealing.

This time it was a suggestion by a regular user and we went.

It’s good! The esplanada opening to the lagoon, mild weather, and… good food.

I like clams Bulhão Pato style, but ray cooked that way was something new, and I tasted it. Very good, but clams are special!

Octopus “à lagareiro” is a common dish, but also well done and presented.

Address: Av. do Mar, 2500-896 Foz do Arelho
Phone: 966 528 533

Foz do Arelho
Good food


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Foz do Arelho - Good beach 2 in one
To do in Foz do Arelho

Good surf and a wide beach attract many surfers and swimmers. I don’t know why, but body board dominates this beach, while surf goes mainly to Peniche area. If I convince Tito to write something, maybe he will explain.

​He is one of the surfing lovers.

Equipment: Surfoz has shops in several places in the coast, including Foz do Arelho.

Website: Wannasurf

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