Florence – a world in 30 minutes


To see The crime

Yes, I confess. It’s a crime rushing in such a monumental place, and I did it. But the time was limited, and I promise to return with the time that the town demands.

The art


My god! Are they real or reproductions?

All that historical art in an open space? Let’s go back with time.

we only had time to see one side of Arno River, but we didn’t miss Ponte Vecchio, and its sights over the River.​


​​Looking around


What else could we do in a so short visit to such a splendorous town?

​Just to run, looking around, and confirming that Florence is a 5 days destination, not a “5 minutes” one, as we had.

Address: Throughout the city

​A quick look


Some seconds of the five minutes we had in Florence were used by Diego, our Italian friend, to explain to us some details of the exterior of the “duomo” and its doors. Interesting, but so quick, that I didn’t keep those details. I will go back, one day, I’ll explain it then. Promise!

Address: Piazza del Duomo
Website: Catedrale

Ponte Vecchio


Our 5th minute was used to cross Ponte Vecchio. As a matter of fact the more that we saw was… heads. It was not high season, but… It’s decided, next visit must be in winter. However, we could see what made it famous – the long line of shops, along its three arches, since 1345. So much time that (it seems), even Hitler refused to destroy it.

Website: Ponte Vecchio

Personal memories People in Florence



Lots of people, surrounding buildings, mixing with spread statues, filling your photos.

​I was there in winter, so… I may imagine what happens in summer.

t’s “forbidden” to make a picture without a multitude of heads and backs.

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