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To see ​Visiting Figueres

Always Dali

Visiting Figueres

Salvador Dali = Avida Dollars

As millions, I went to Figueres only to see Dali’s museum ( In Croatia I made a friend from Figueres, which it was supposed to meet in Roses, but things didn’t work, so we lost contact).

A short ride across town confirmed that everything leads to Dali.

​And it seems that all the commerce turns around him and Miro.

​Dali Museum


From the ruins of a theater bombed in Civil War, Dali built a museum to host his final works.

The building is rather common, only its finishing and a few details revealing the eccentricity of the author.

​Only remarkable are the main courtyard, and the respect shown to the old facade of the theater.


Dali Museum – the paintings

It was a small disappointment the collection on display.

Of course, dollars were in command all Dali’s life, and the best works were sold, but, even so, I really expected more.

​Funny, his jokes with Velasquez and the classics.

Visiting Figueres

​Dali’s sculptures

It is in the volumes that the imagination and eccentricity of the creator is more present in all the museum.

​The forms, their position, the organization of specific looking points, more than the paintings… that’s Dali.

Personal memories Dali

Would I ever go to Figueres without Dali?



For sure! It seemed a nice place but… with what to attract a tourist without Dali?

I tried to read, to search something else, in a not so small city – more than 40000 inhabitants but… everything leads to Gala foundation, which means Dali.

Anyway, this single reason is more than enough to a visit: since you’re in Costa Brava or nearby, there’s no excuse!

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