Pateira – Lagoon with 2 names

To see Pateira de Fermentelos

The lagoon

Pateira de Fermentelos
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The lagoon of Fermentelos is the largest natural lake on the Iberian Peninsula, reaching up to 5 km2. The name is due to the abundance of ducks (pato in Portuguese) and other migratory water birds.

The monument

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In the easiest access point, a sculptural set was built as a tribute to the emigrant.

Óis da Ribeira

Ois da Ribeira
Óis da Ribeira

On the north side of the lagoon, a small village called Óis da Ribeira, also built a good access to the lagoon, well arranged, and enhancing the landscape.

A good car park and a restaurant, imitate the arrangement on the south side, and the place is named “Pateira de Óis da Ribeira”. It is obviously the same pond, and there appears to be no conflict or confusion.

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