Faro – nice capital in 5 quick visits


Visiting Faro and the island

Faro is the capital and the bigger town in Algarve, but, behind the airport, a long island reachable by car or boat, and only minutes away, has one of the widest and, most of the time, less frequented beaches in Algarve.

The sand sinks quickly, which turns it in a mainly adult spot.

On the opposite side, the lagoon, a few meters away, is a very safe “pool”, where you can have fun catching clams, cockles or razor clams.

Visiting Faro
Visiting Faro – Lagoon

Faro island

​A long stripe of sand between sea and lagoon, allows a different vacation. There, you have shortage of nightlife, and even of restaurants and shops.

​You will divide yourself between the bath in the clean and mild waters of the deep ocean beach, and the amusement of the lagoon with its richness of shellfish. Supplies and amusement stand in Faro, ten minutes away by car or by boat. And if someone invites you to go catch some cuttlefish at night, do follow the rules, wear a white shirt and be prepared to laugh. Kids enjoy the lagoon, but the proximity to the airport may be bothersome.

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Visiting Faro – Lagoon


​Ideal for boating, picking shells, or fishing, “Ilha de Faro”, about 10 KM from the city, is also a paradise for children, combining well with the open sea in the ocean coast, just a few meters distant.

The shows of planes arriving and departing in the nearby airport are an extra attraction for the kids.

Évora memories
Visiting Faro – Beach


A desert beach in Algarve is something from the 19th century, but the beach in Ilha de Faro, has long sections with few people, giving you the sensation of freedom, impossible in the generally overcrowded beaches.

I recommend Costa Algarvia – ​Central and good

We had dinner in the esplanade, noticing the facilities shown by the owner getting space – all the tables were occupied, but, since we didn’t want to eat inside (no one wanted, in that hot night) he quickly moved a couple of tables and a few chairs outside to sit us. The situation repeated with more groups, until there were no more tables inside, and the esplanade almost doubled the original size.

Eating in Faro - Costa Algarvia
Eating in Faro – Costa Algarvia

The service was very slow; a few customers near us complained, and we got the explanation – the computer was crashing often. We were forced to wait until midnight for someone arriving by bus, and the problem didn’t bother us too much.The food was very good. We were five, choose five different dishes, and everybody appreciated his choice. The price was also acceptable.

Address: R Dr Francisco Gomes 13-19, Close to the harbor, in pedestrian area.

Phone: 289 823 333

Positive impression Sol e Jardim

Faro 1
Eating in Faro – Sol e Jardim

A huge space, with a very welcoming appearance, surprising as soon as you enter.

The service was a bit slow, but the food was good and the menu was interesting.

Price not too expensive.

Site: Sol e Jardim

Doubtful impression Story spot

Faro 2
Eating in Faro – Story spot

We were a large group, most of whom didn’t want to eat a lot, and this restaurant with a menu based on snacks seemed to be the solution.

I did not like. Some of the appetisers were competent, others to forget, the service was botched, many people ate less than the little that counted, and in the end it is not cheap.

Perhaps for a bit of conversation over a glass and a plate it would be interesting, but for a normal meal it left a lot to be desired.

Site: Story spot

Ria Formosa

Faro info
Faro info – Ria Formosa

A wide natural park covering the whole coast around Faro, this is a paradise for lovers of natural life, but it may also be such an excellent place to bath, if you manage to get a boat to the islands.

Close to the mouth of the lagoon the currents may be strong, but you may find some safe spots to swim in a warm and calm water.

​Don’t miss the fun of sea shell grabbing.

Public Animation

Faro info – Faro by night

To attract tourists is fundamental in Algarve and for Algarve.

Not only bars and hotels plan their animation programs to call or fix the clients, but also the local authorities have that concern. So, don’t get surprised if, for instance, in a quick visit to Sagres, you find a Moroccan or Turkish girl performing… belly dance.

The truth is that Sagres is a must in the world history, but now it has not much to see.

​Why not, putting there something else? The fact is that my weekend visit was planned to last 15 minutes and it took more than one hour.

Irregular construction and renting

Faro info – Houses in Faro island

Faro’s island is one of the most remarkable cases of clandestine building, offering “discreet” cheap renting. You must have a friend that knows a friend of someone that has a friend… We had, and that allowed us to stay cheaply in one of the legal houses (I think) of the island.

​The construction is chaotic but, with such a narrow stripe of sand, everybody is close to the water. Many irregular houses were destroyed, but the remains are not exactly a good example of city planning. In the positive side, it’s a quiet and safe area for families. Google Earth is perfect to give you an idea of what I mean!

Boat Rides

Oh yes, we had fun in the lagoon, even with  small boat demanding… extra space.

Memories of Faro
Memories of Faro – Boat

Riding in the lagoon, catching and cooking sea shells, took us hours under the sun and in the water.

Really amazing are the local technics to catch lingo and cuttlefish, this one with special motifs for laughing.

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