Lazer da Encosta

Famalicão – almost visited

Famalicão in agenda

I’ve actually been to this town three times, but I only really visited it more than 50 years ago, so… I don’t know it.
The dance insists on taking me there, and next time I will revisit it. Promise!

I recommend Lazer da encosta – Out of the beaten path

It was a nightmare to be served.

Many people used dinner break in the dancing competition, and the restaurant, though big, was not professionally prepared to that crowd.

​Very late, the food came, and I must confess that it was well prepared, big doses, good wine, reasonable price.It deserves a second visit, out of peak time.

Address: R Além do Ribeiro

Directions: Near Municipal Sports Pavillion

Dancing in Vermoim

Dance in Famalicão

No, I will not write about Famalicão. Yet!

I know I’ve been there, 30 or 40 years ago, and… kept no memories.

Portugal changed a lot, and this city, for sure, was no exception.

Last Saturday I was supposed to dance in Vermoim, close to the city, and that could be the opportunity for a new glance. No way, the competition was in Vermoim, and we skipped the city, but I have to post my (good) memories of Vermoim… Famalicão.