Eat and sleep in Edinburgh

Bruntsfield hotel

Eat and sleep in Edinburgh

Positive impression Bruntsfield – Old but good

A reasonably priced and located hotel, uses a classical building but provides all the common facilities to its level of hotel. We had dinner there and also enjoyed the meal.

Address: 69 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4HH, United Kingdom

Price Comparison: about average

Website: Bruntsfield

I recommend Scotch Heritage – ​​Also a restaurant

Eat and sleep in Edinburgh
Uk 151

More than the interesting visit, discovering the process of whisky production and aging, the complex has a restaurant. We decided to have lunch there.

It was a good lunch, not so expensive as we initially feared. We were very satisfied, indeed. When we finished the meal, we had to pass across the souvenirs shop, with the expected advantages for business.

NIghtlife Live Music

I tried, but couldn’t find any folklore show while we were in Scotland. I love Scottish dances (I know some of them), and would like to see them danced in location, but… no chance.

Sandy Bells
Sandy Bells

The best that I got was the information that somewhere, there was a bar usually with live amateur music. I found it, and had a beer there. It is exactly like I was told – a small pub, where a couple of people gathered to have a drink and talk, some of them with fiddles to play together some music.​

Exactly like in my youth, when we met in “Pote” or “Alga” to play and listen to fado, sometimes with a couple of players/singers, sometimes with a dozen.

​The ambience was simple, the music was played with soul… it was nice.