Eat and sleep in Blackpool


Eat and sleep in Blackpool

I recommend Empress


Located inside Winter Gardens, with good presentation and during a large event, I was expecting this restaurant to be expensive, slow and confuse in service.What a great surprise – the service was efficient (well, almost always…), gentle, the food excellent, and the price reasonable.All these qualities made Empress “our” restaurant in Blackpool, having there at least half of our meals.The menu is not very large, what may turn the food very repetitive, but for isolated or only a few meals it’s almost perfect.

Favorite Dish: All kind of risottos

Address: Winter Gardens

Doubtful impression Nando


To forget – or not!

Ai Nando, Nando! Onde é que tu andavas, pá?

The worst experience in Blackpool – we arrived late to this restaurant, curious to find how did this Portuguese adapt our great food to the doubtful English tastes. Well, the employee was already “out” and, for one hour, she made all the possible things to force up to give up, even inviting us to pay in advance for a dinner where no one knew exactly what did they have to serve, nor even her. Yes, we did give up. We left and moved… to Empress, of course.

Positive impression Quilligan’s


​A Familiar place

I have very bad idea about english food, and after a (obviously to forget) snack in MacDonald’s in our arrival night, our first lunch was in this restaurant. maybe because the expectations were low, maybe because they are really good, I enjoyed the meal. The food looked typically british, but… with taste! Well done, well served, the roasted beef was totally approved.

Address: 75 Victoria Street

Price Comparison: about average

Positive impression Bella Italia


Good solution

Our favorite restaurant outside Winter Garden was this one. Good food, reasonable price, the only problem was… to get a table. Maybe because of the many clients, the service was a little bit slow.

Favorite Dish: Good pizza

Address: 75 Victoria Street

Website: Bella Italia

Doubtful impression Mc Donalds


The risks of youth

I hate fast-food, that well tasting poison that fools our children. I accept a pizza now and then, but that is as far as I can go.

Mac Donald is fast-food icon and I banned it. However, travelling with young people, sometimes with a tight schedule, it may be impossible to resist.

TWICE! Twice I had to go there! The first to “eat something” late in the night (I had a tasteful milk shake with cement – I mean ice cream) and the other one for lunch (fried chicken). I survived, and the allergic bubbles in the fingers that dipped in the french fries package have disappeared (forgive them, grand grand father, the fork was really your greatest invention!)

Bar2 Cookies

Good coffee

Blackpool bars
Blackpool bars

A pleasant surprise!

​The place was nice with a small esplanade under the cold but bright sun, and the ladies decided to risk it for a coffee. For a Portuguese it is hard to find a good coffee outside Portuguese or Italian restaurants, and we didn’t find “our” coffee there. However, it was a reasonable drink, and the ladies really appreciated the pastries they ate with the coffee. A positive impression.

Address: 24, Church street

Bar2 Rolly’s bar

Blackpool bars

For an evening drink

This small hotel, near Winter gardens, has a bistro bar open from 11AM until late. Typically british, is a nice place for a last drink and conversation.

Address: 55-61 Albert Road, Blackpool

Positive impression Bel Reve Hotel


Cozy and welcoming

A very small hotel, with very small rooms, including an even smaller bathroom, all with a small price. It’s fair. Family managed, the owners are a nice couple, treating the few possible guests as friends or family.I enjoyed very much the simple but tasteful english breakfast. I knew that the owner died some time ago. Sorry for that, and… does she continue?

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: Excellent location near the tower and winter garden

Website: Bel Reve

Hotel7 Metropole hotel



Searching for a hotel, weeks before the departure, I got the idea that this hotel should be the best for our purposes, with a perfect location and apparent quality. We were in a group, with some students included, and the prices were impossible for them, so I didn’t even suggest it. In location I confirmed the good look of the hotel and its perfect location, but it was all. Funny thing: checking the actual prices, they announce a room for £29, only a lit more than we paid in our small family hotel. Yes, we were there during a festival and the prices were… let’s say… totally different.

Address: Princess Parade, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 1RQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1253 628321

Website: Metropole