Blackpool info


Useful64 Dance

Yes, it is a sport, and one of the best. So good, that dancing was the reason that took me to Blackpool, and, maybe, that will make me return to Blackpool.Dancing in the fabulous ballroom in the tower was one of my purposes, but I couldn’t satisfy it because… shopping is more important, and I entered alone.Next time, if there will be a next time, she will follow in chains, but, till then, if you go there, would you mind to dedicate me one of your dances?



Our image of the tower was disturbed by the hard works that it was undergoing.

​I thought that they should be over now, but in recent news I verified that something was still being done. Yes, that the problems of the big constructions: everything needs always to be repaired or improved…

​First contact


​Ictio Therapy

I had already heard about this kind of therapy, but didn’t ever seen, until the visit to a shopping mall in Blackpool. There, in display to anyone passing by, a few ladies made a line to… feed the fish.

Just an event, or a regular service? Next time in Blackpool I will check it out.

​(No need to – ictio therapy arrived to Portugal)