Memories of Turkey


Personal memories ​Rugs day

No matter where you go in the Muslim world, you will have your “rugs day”.

In Turkey, we had it in Cappadocia, and it was our best “rugs day” in the world.

In that ambiance the production was natural, and sellers were not so pushy as elsewhere.

​A calm and civilized contact with a popular activity that remains important in that society.


Boat in Copenhagen

The landscape in Cappadocia is astonishing.

Goreme is the most remarkable site, but what hits us more is the sensation of incapacity face to nature – the Turks know that they have a gem there, they try to preserve it, but erosion seems unbeatable, destroying inch by inch what men created.

That enhances the sensation felt in place – we are watching a marvel from the past, with… no future!